Problems with Naming the Kids in Turkey

Naming the kids in Turkey with non-Turkish and non-Muslim names has always been problematic. Except for a few metropolitan cities, most prople have had problem in naming their kids the way they like until a recent history. As an excuse, they have come up with various reason, but the actual reason has been their reluctance to register non-Turkish or non-Muslim names.
A recent case from Midyat has reminded that the governmental offices are still causing problems in naming. Reportedly, a Syriac father wanted to name his infant daughter with a Syriac name, Şmuni (Shmounee), but the officer in the Civil Registry Office did not accept the name based on the reason that Turkish grammar rules do not accept two-consonant letter together. Instead, the office registered the girl with the name, İşmuni (Ishmounee), which is something different than the original one.
As per the Law passed in 2006 on Civil Registry Services, there seems to be no limitation and restriction with regard to naming . Yet, the arbitrary rejection in the Civil Registry Office has caused a significant tension in Turkey. As it is considered among the Syriac citizens that the newly fabricated name of İşmuni is not acceptable because its original version, Şmuni, belongs to a highly respected religious figure. Therefore, it is interpreted as an insult.